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Native English Speaker | MBA | PMP

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For almost two decades, my zone of genius has been closing the gap between communication intent and impact. 

Whether I’m creating an investor pitch deck for a multi-million dollar deal, developing key messaging to catapult a high-growth startup into mainstream media, or writing a light-hearted executive blog post to inspire employees, I tap into the mission, values and voice behind businesses and personal brands to preserve authenticity every step of the way.

As a New York City-based public relations professional, I worked with some of the most forward thinking, creative minds in Travel and Consumer Technology to produce media-worthy stories and experiences that moved the growth needle for clients like Airbnb, American Express and Zynga.

In my corporate career, I collaborated with C-suite and VP executives at Averda, one of the Middle East’s top 10 sustainability conglomerates, to lead global project teams through post-acquisition integrations and organizational transformation. I also drove executive board communications, managed strategy development and built performance measurement frameworks.

As its first Dubai Community Director, I produced live and virtual expert panel discussions that helped Finimize build the world’s largest finance community, inspiring a generation of spenders to become active and informed investors.

I craft meaningful prose for revolutionary people and businesses.

I operate in my zone of genius so you can operate in yours!